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The Senior Rehab Podcast brings you helpful conversations for rehab clinicians that serve older adults. We speak with industry leaders & review the latest evidence to provide useful, practical information for YOU - the rehab clinician. Join us in advancing rehab for older adults at

Mar 21, 2018


How to DESIGN for Health, Independence, & Successful Aging

Ever wonder the WHY behind some of the spaces we inhabit? Wonder HOW those spaces can influence our quality of life?

Meet Lisa Cini, a Transformational Living Expert. She's helped create many facilities, building, and spaces with the goal of improving the...

Mar 16, 2018

#PTonICE How Fear Impacts Performance and What To Do About It!


This is a rebroadcast from an episode that can be found on

Be sure to check out "Modern Management of the Older Adult" - an 8 week online course led by Dustin Jones...

Mar 14, 2018



The second episode of #StateoftheSNF - in which a multidisciplinary group of CIs plot against their students, discuss efficient bribery tactics to increase participation rates in cranky residents, explore Nicole's foot obsession, and try not to swear while exploring why teamwork is one of a SNF's...

Mar 12, 2018




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