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MMOA (Modern Management of the Older Adult) helps rehab & fitness pros get results with older adults. Brought to you by the Institute of Clinical Excellence, tune in to hear pertinent geriatric discussions, relevant research, & treatment ideas. Good for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Assistants, Students, New Grads, Seasoned Veterans, Geriatricians, & Fitness Professionals. Find out more at

Feb 28, 2018



We're talking about the SUGARS!

Recording from the #GameChangers Monthly Meetup discussing Diabetes and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults -


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Feb 26, 2018

Erinn and Tali talk about ageism and its psychological and physical health manifestations in the older adult. This episode is the first episode of Senior Rehab Project’s Series on Ageism!


Nelson TD. Promoting healthy aging by confronting ageism. Am Psychol. 2016;71(4):276-82.

Link to Dr. Nelson’s book...

Feb 23, 2018

#PTonICE Upper Body Pulls for Older Adults: Let's Talk Scaling


This is a rebroadcast from an episode that can be found on

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Feb 21, 2018

A Clinician On a Mission - Meg Lowry

Meet the one and only Meg Lowry! Meg is a vital member of the SRP community and a wealth of information. She's the developer of the ClockYourself App as well as the author of the Balance Yourself book.  She's a clinician on a mission and I'm thrilled for you to meet her!

We talk...

Feb 19, 2018


Erinn sits down with the legendary Dr. Marilyn Moffat in her office at New York University to talk about her career, accomplishments, and her love of working with the older adult population. Listen to hear about her tenure as APTA president, her work in passing Direct Access in New York, her time as WCPT president,...