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MMOA (Modern Management of the Older Adult) helps rehab & fitness pros get results with older adults. Brought to you by the Institute of Clinical Excellence, tune in to hear pertinent geriatric discussions, relevant research, & treatment ideas. Good for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Assistants, Students, New Grads, Seasoned Veterans, Geriatricians, & Fitness Professionals. Find out more at

Jul 27, 2020

We all have them. Fun stories, funny stories, sad stories, epic fail stories. They are what teach us. What we use to help guide our decisions and they shape us as clinicians. 

In this week's episode, Christina Prevett talks about some of hers and the other GEROS crews' BEST GeriPT stories. 

What are some of your most...

Jul 20, 2020

Sick BUT Strong (Part 3/3): Give them a Dose of our Medicine
In the last part of our "Sick BUT Strong" series, we are going to finish building that bike and ride it straight on home!
Julie Brauer talks about why it is so important to show our patients what they are capable of by giving them a dose of exercise! 

Jul 13, 2020

SICK but STRONG (Part 2/3) Let’s get to know our Heroes

Now that we understand the importance of building the bike in acute care, how do we do it?!
Join Julie Brauer, PT, DPT, as she explains how we can revamp our Acute Care evaluations to fully get to know our patients, build trust, and get them imagining what life...

Jul 6, 2020

SICK But STRONG: Inspiring Change in Tough Settings (Part 1/3) with Dr. Julie Brauer, PT, DPT
If you’ve been a part of the GEROS Health crew for a while, you have heard all about the process of Building the Bike.
But have you thought about how we can do this in acute care?
Join Julie Brauer as she dives deep...