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Nov 18, 2019

The changes brought by PDPM have allowed us - or forced us - to use groups in our treatment plans. Why should we? Why shouldn't we? Are groups a threat to our patient's care? Or an opportunity to use a vital piece of what drives us as humans to better serve older adults?

Join Nicole & Tali as they discuss some helpful tips when thinking about group therapy:

The W's of planning a group

1. WHO is this group for? (specific pts OR population to be served)

2.  WHAT equipment do I need, and what safety concerns do I have?

3. WHERE can I set this group up to maximize success?

4. WHEN in my day is the best time to schedule this group?

5. WHY am I addressing this skill? 


Follow up Questions

What did you learn?

What was the hardest part of the activity for you?

What is/ are your goals for rehab after this group?


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